For Your Consideration: From MrRealityfromtheleft

  • By Marty Susman
  • America’s political system is totally broken. The House of Representatives has been so manipulated by zealots supported by huge money interests that is no longer able to function. The Senate has by virtue of it’s concept is totally out of step with the 21st century with States like Wyoming or the Dakota’s having the same power to legislate as Texas, New York & California. The Supreme Court has become nothing more than a rubber stamp for whom ever has selected more judges & the judges have to answer to no one meaning as corrupt as they have become, nothing can be done. Lastly the Presidency itself has become nothing more than a position that has been bought by huge money interests from the Banks, Energy/Oil/Gas, Wall Street, Insurance/Drug companies & by the biggest interest, the death manufactures or as they are known, Military Defense Complex, the people that must continue constant wars in order to keep their profits up.

    The whole of Washington D.C. does nothing but make speeches using mostly fear to get the pitifully few people to vote. Half of them are low information voters getting their marching orders form multi millionaires on Faux TV along with right wing radio talk bigots. The vast majority of white men who fear they will no longer be the majority in our country are weighted down with bigotry & fear & hate everything that is not white & Christian. The religious right who hammer their followers about the pretend god Jesus who supposedly hated the poor, the sick & the downtrodden are mostly made up of lower middle class to lower class white Americans who aside from fearing death are too ignorant to understand that the votes they cast are votes against their own interests & votes that will keep them enslaved to the monied interests who dictate to them.

    The present day war on women is another example of just how sadly ignorant the white male religious men have become. All over the globe it has been proven that the more educated the women are the better the society is. Educated free women are the backbone of every enlightened society & yet here in America the mega money interests are eradicating the very freedom women have had for decades. This Congress actually vetoed the bill that would have mandated equal pay for men & women who performed the same tasks & yet they continue to be elected. The Republicans in every State House in the Nation have brought forth more than a hundred bills taking the very thought of females freedom away from them. State House after State House that is controlled by Republicans has selectively stripped women of the right to control their very own bodies & put them under the thumb of the white male elected haters & bigots.

    Fear & hatred of anyone who is not white & Christian is permeating though out the former treasonous Confederate States as well as the States whose white male Christian population has become so dumbed down as to believe in the propaganda spread by the money & church interests. The dogma being spewed out by the church’s with the help of Faux TV & right wing talk radio is talk of fear, hatred of anyone of any color, anyone who is not a white Christian, anyone with a higher education, anyone who believes in the facts of science, anyone who believes in freedom, anyone who believes in no more wars, anyone who believes health care is a right, food is a right, education is a right, honesty & decency is a right & so on.

    This Country will surly become nothing more then a 3rd world Nation of have’s & have nots, a Nation of silent workers & a Nation of super rich that has thousands of Nukes, tanks, planes, gun’s bombs & assorted killing machines that are in place to not only control the globe but to keep our own citizens living in fear of the world in general thereby enabling the billionaire manufacturers to continue to suck our nation of it’s own natural wealth & freedoms.

    America needs it’s own “American Spring”. America needs to move off the couch’s, out from under it’s TV’s, away from it’s car’s & into the streets by the millions. America needs to send tens of millions of people into the streets demanding change, real change not pretty speeches, not pretty faces but changes in how the elected criminals now in charge need to be thrown out of office, changes that will show the world that America still stands for freedom, changes that will make the so called American Exceptionalism stays of our country mean something, mean health, education, decency & peace, rather the profit, war & the destruction of the planet by the energy companies. Not until tens of millions of Americans take to the streets will anything good come to our children & grandchildren, of that you can be sure. You can either read this & do nothing, or you can read this & send it on to everyone you know & have them send it on to everyone they know or, you can go back to your football games, baseball games, your TV & fantasy sports, religious cults & have fun while the future of America dims even more, the choice is yours.

    If you agree with the above, PLEASE send it along with my page to all your friends, ask them to send it on & so forth…Doing nothing will get us nothing…

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