Fox News: Stop abortions by deregulating birth control, celebrate teen pregnancy


The leading social issue within the conservative movement is abortion. Describing themselves as “pro-life,” conservatives in America have fought to ban abortion by any means necessary since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973.

One of the best ways to get your political message across is to use the media as your mouth piece. Despite a dominance on the radio dial and many websites and pod-casts, the best way to appeal to conservative voters is to tap into the number one cable network in the country, Fox News.

During Fox News Sunday, a discussion was taking place about the recent debate between the Obama administration, the Food and Drug Administration and a federal judge who declared that the Plan B birth control pill should be available to women of all ages. Joining the conversation was Nina Easton of Fortune Magazine who said she believes conservatives should “celebrate” young women who become pregnant because they can always get an adoption instead of an abortion.

“One of the things out of all of this news, including the president’s speech to Planned Parenthood and this Gosnell case of murdering babies, is we’re looking at a culture that produces 1.2 million abortions a year. We’re losing sight of that fact. I would say that in addition to deregulating birth control, another thing we need to do is celebrate young women who bring a baby to term and find an adoptive parent. There’s such a stigma today to being an adoptive birth mom that you’re more willing to admit that you’ve had an abortion than that you are delivering a healthy newborn to a loving family. What’s wrong with our culture that that’s where we are today?”

It’s not just Fox News on TV that are chiming in on the Plan B debate. Fox’s Andrea Tantaros spoke on her radio show and asked “Is the Obama daughter, Malia, going to go on birth control?”

Despite calls from Fox News and the right-wing media that teen pregnancy is on the rise, the facts tell a different story. According to the “Annual Summary of Vital Statistics: 2010-2011”published online by the journal Pediatrics, teen pregnancy is at its lowest rate in two decades, and has declined eight percent between 2010 and 2011.

Thank you to The Examiner for this article.


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