Flight delays hit business travelers, giving Republicans a new target for their sequester whining

MON APR 22, 2013 AT 08:53 AM PDT

Delta airplane in the sky.

As predicted, sequestration is causing flight delays, thanks to furloughs at the Federal Aviation Administration. As administration officials have repeatedly explained, because the FAA’s budget is so heavily dedicated to staff, there’s really no way to shift enough money around to avoid furloughs. The result, starting this weekend, included delays caused by staffing issues at John F. Kennedy, LaGuardia, and Los Angeles International Airports, at a minimum.

Republicans are predictably squealing with outrage, with RNC Chair Reince Priebus, House Speaker John Boehner, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, and others unleashing a series of tweets hashtagged “#ObamaFlightDelays.”

FAA doesn’t have to delay your flight, so why don’t they and Obama reprioritize? http://t.co/…#ObamaFlightDelays
— @Reince via Twitter for iPhone


So Republicans were first outraged when air traffic control towers at small airports closed because of the sequester. Now they’re outraged that it’s causing delays at big airports, but they still support sequestration even though apparently they think every one of its visible effects at the FAA is a partisan outrage inflicted on the nation by the president. All this selective outrage is providing an excellent example of what screwed-up priorities look like:

1 sign of inequality in USA is that of the many ways the #sequester is messing up people’s lives, business travelers air delays count most.
— @jeffhauser via HootSuite


Yup, pretty much. First the Republican outrage focused on White House tours. Then it focused on small air traffic control tower closures. Now, business travelers in major cities. Meanwhile, all those furloughed FAA workers are losing a big chunk of their paychecks, families are being denied housing assistance, kids are being kicked out of Head Start programs, and college students are losing financial aid and work-study funds—and Republican outrage is nowhere to be found.

Thank you to The Daily KOS for this article.


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