Texas Representative Who Voted Against Sandy Relief Seeks Federal Money After Explosion

April 18, 2013 By 

Rick Perry

Today, less than 24 hours following the devastating explosion of a fertilizer plant in West, TX, Governor Rick Perry made a statement declaring the area impacted by the explosion a disaster area. He’s now asking for President Obama to follow suit in declaring this a federal disaster emergency.

Yes, you read that correctly. Rick “Secessionist” Perry”, the man who constantly rallies against government spending, took less than 24 hours to ask President Obama for money—from the federal government.

The same Rick Perry who rallied against the Stimulus bill passed in 2009, while bragging about his balanced budgets—which he balanced with stimulus money, didn’t take long to extend his hand and request government money for his state.


Oh, but there’s more.  West, TX is represented in Congress by Bill Flores, who is also asking that the government declare the impacted area a federal disaster—and is requesting federal money.

Why is this a big deal?  Well, it just so happens that Mr. Flores was one of the 67 members of the House of Representatives who voted against the Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief.

As always, when Republicans want help from the “big bad government” and federal money, they’re usually the first in line demanding sweeping regulations or funding for what they want.  It’s only when that same government opposes their ideology or spends money on someone else that suddenly it’s “giant government and out of control government spending.”

Then again, as Rick Perry proved by bragging about his balanced budgets (which were only balanced because he took stimulus money) while rallying against Obama’s 2009 stimulus bill, being a hypocrite is nothing new for him.

As for Mr. Flores, feel free to contact him to let him know what you think of his hypocrisy.

Thank you to Forward Progressives for this article.


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