RNC Leader Teams Up With Tony Perkins To Tell Parents Schools Will Make Kids Gay

by DAVID BADASH on APRIL 11, 2013


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Dave Agema is lying again. The RNC Committeeman for Michigan yesterday teamed up with none other than anti-gay hate group head Tony Perkins to tell parents that schools will make their children gay — or want to be.

“First of all, what will happen to your school kids when they are in school,” Agema tells Perkins. “It’s already being taught in a lot of places that it is an accepted lifestyle. Then the next thing that will occur is your kids will come home and say, ‘I think this is a good thing and I think I want to be one,’ and if you as a parent stand up and say, ‘You know what, this is against my moral beliefs and my biblical beliefs,’ then the next thing you’re going to get into is hate crimes because you’re speaking against something that’s been sanctioned by the state. If you look at Denmark and others then the state also tells the churches you have to marry homosexuals and if you don’t what may happen in the United States is you might lose your tax exempt status.”

I suggest you read that again to grasp its full lunacy.

Agema, of course, is in hot water — even Republicans are calling for his resignation — after posting a lie-filled list of fraudulent “statistics” on homosexuals, which include the false claims gays are responsible for half of all the murders in urban areas, gays die 20 years earlier than their heterosexual peers, gays have hundreds if not thousands of sex partners, and gays are disease-ridden, and “filthy.”

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“Agema lamented that wealthy and powerful gay activists are suppressing the facts and making the truth-tellers ‘shut up,’ to which Perkins agreed and added that homosexuality is ‘personally destructive and harmful to the society as well,’” as Right Wing Watch reports.

“Study after study after study talks about all the diseases you get, how it gets you into drugs, gets you into all these other things that you don’t want to be in,” Agema tells Perkins — who of course agrees with Agema and these lies 100 percent.

“So if you really love someone, if you really were concerned about someone, if you saw your friend for example dying of alcoholism would you just stand quietly by and watch it happen?, ” Agema posits. “Or would you speak up and say, ‘hey I want to help you.’ That’s what we should be doing. But the problem is the homosexual community is very organized, they got a lot of money behind them, as a matter of fact the average homosexual makes more than the average person does, has better education and they are very good at shutting anybody down and embarrassing him so they will shut up.”

Agema adds:

So when this happened to me this time just like when it happened to me before I thought, I’m not going to keep quiet on them. It’s starting to backfire on them.

Actually, it’s backfired on Agema.

There’s not a great deal of support for Agema, although there’s now an attempt to draft him for the U.S. Senate.

Despite calls by Republicans and Democrats alike for him to resign — Agema’s Committeeman position means he helps write, and votes on the RNC platform and RNC Chairman — he’s refusing.

Via Right Wing Watch and Think Progress

Thank you to The New Civil Rights Movement for this article.


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