Rand Paul Sets Out To Educate Black College Students, Gets Schooled Instead



Awwww! I thought I was smarter than THOSE kind of people. Really I did!


Outreach – To bridge a divide between two disparate groups. Example: The Republican Party has announced it will engage in an outreach program to attract minority voters.

Offend – To cause displeasure, anger, resentment, or wounded feelings. Example: Rand Paul went to Howard University, a college that specializes in African American culture and history, to convince black students that a privileged white racist knows more about their history and struggles than they do.

Epic Fail – See Offend

There are days when I almost pity the GOP, or at least parts of it. There must be Republicans who are trapped like flies in a spider web by the Tea Party madness. I imagine them screaming, “Help me! Heeeeeelp meeeee!” like that poor bastard in The Fly right before being crushed by a giant rock. The rock, in this case, is the rapidly shifting demographics of the United States.

Just imagine the reaction of RNC Chair, Reince Priebus; he knows, for a fact, that his quest to get Republicans elected on the national level is doomed to failure if he can’t convince minorities that the GOP doesn’t actually despise them. He knows this and has taken steps to remedy the situation, but for every step forward, the party takes a step backwards. And they’re wearing Seven League Boots.

I’m sure Rand Paul meant well (actually, I really don’t think that at all), but when you’re the son of Ron “Don’t read my old newsletters!” Paul, it’s hard to relate to Negroes Coloreds Blah People those kind of people. It’s especially hard when your deeply-held belief that black people are too goddamn stupid to see through your condescending bullshit.

For instance, while the narrative that the GOP is responsible for freeing the slaves and passing the Civil Rights Act plays well with uneducated white racists living in denial, it’s not going to fly with a room filled with black college students/activists. They’re quite aware that, 50 years ago, after the CRA passed, all the deeply racist Democrats left the party and either retired or became Republicans. They know that Nixon employed the Southern Strategy by appealing to the racial resentment of the Southern white voter and the GOP hasn’t stopped using it since. History doesn’t stop when you get to the part you like.

It was a valiant effort, though.

The part where he tried to surprise his audience with the big revelation that Republicans founded the NAACP? Not so much.


A less oblivious man might have thought twice about continuing to treat his audience like ignorant rubes but we are talking about Rand Paul here. He even went so far as to lie about his clear and unambiguous statement that he feels businesses should be allowed to discriminate on the basis of race. Like the students at Howard University wouldn’t know about that.

That Paul wasn’t laughed out off of campus speaks to the character of the student body at H.U. It’s possible they were too stunned to form a coherent thought but, more likely, they’re used to this kind of nonsense from clueless white Republicans.

Maybe Reince Priebus should have Paul fitted with a gagball. At this point, how much worse could it be?

Thank you to Addicting Info for this article.



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