Gohmert: ‘You Have To Hire Whatever Satan-Worshiper, Whatever Cross-Dresser You Think Might Be Immoral’

by DAVID BADASH on APRIL 2, 2013


Post image for Gohmert: ‘You Have To Hire Whatever Satan-Worshiper, Whatever Cross-Dresser You Think Might Be Immoral’

U.S. Tea Party Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert, possibly discussing ENDA or other LGBT-friendly legislation, told listeners on a conference call that Christians will be forced to ultimately hire “Satan-worshipers” and “cross-dressers.”

Gohmert urged listeners to “educate” themselves “on the issues.”

“You need to understand that when there is a law being pushed, as it has for several years,” the Texas Congressman said, presumably referring to ENDA, “that says that religious institutions should not be exempt from discrimination laws, that it is going to devastate the church, the synagogue, the places of worship that hire people because ultimately they’re saying you have to hire whatever Satan-worshiper, whatever cross-dresser you think might be immoral, that’s against your religious belief.”

ENDA of course does not do that, and there are exceptionally strong religious protections in all 50 states that would disallow what Gohmert is describing.

“You are going to be forced to abandon your religious beliefs, and we’ve been seeing that with some of the requirements under Obamacare,” the 59-year old five-term Congressman added, falsely.

“The freedom of the church is at risk nowadays … Law always reflects someone’s morality, so if Christians are not involved in making sure it reflects their morality as a majority, according to polls, then it’s going to reflect a lack of morality or some immorality,” Gohmert warned. “So the law will reflect somebody’s and it better be the majorities that believe in God.”

Gohmert previously has falsely called ENDA “part of this administration’s ongoing war on religion, on particularly Judeo-Christian values.”

Earlier in the call, which was organized by Rick Scarborough of Vision America‘s new Tea Party Unity group, Gohmert actually told listeners that he opposes gun control because limiting the number of rounds a gun clip can legally contain is the same thing as not limiting the number of spouses a couple can have, or their gender, or even, their genetic makeup, aka, bestiality:

READ: GOP Congressman Opposes Gun Control Because Gay Marriage Leads To Bestiality

In 2010, Rep. Gohmert actually claimed that if “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” were repealed, it would be the end of civilization.

Still waiting.

Thank you to The New Civil Rights Movement for this article.


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