NBC: Supreme Court ‘Not Prepared To Issue Any Sweeping Gay Rights Ruling’

by DAVID BADASH on MARCH 26, 2013

Today NBC News justice correspondent Pete Williams reported that after hearing today’s arguments, he believes the Supreme Court “is not prepared to issue any sweeping ruling about gay rights,” adding, “no member of the court seemed to be interested in that.”

Williams added that all the justices seemed to want to limit their ruling on today’s case to California. So, theoretically, we should not expect any decision from today’s hearing to affect same-sex couples in other states.

Williams also said he believes that “the best advocates of same-sex marriage can hope for” is a ruling limited to California that upholds the lower court decision that overturns Prop 8.

Thank you to the New Civil Rights Movement for this article.

Here is a link to the original article:


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