Paul Ryan’s House Budget would give millionaires $200,000 tax cut!

Taxpayers Making at least a Million dollars a year would receive a $200,000 tax cut even if the House closes tax loopholes to help pay for the plan as suggested, according to analysis from the Citizens for Tax Justice.

Ryan’s plan would lower the top income tax rate to 25% and gets rid of many other taxes on the wealthy, including the Alternative Minimum Tax and the increases associated with “Obamacare”. Ryan wants to pay for the tax cut by closing loopholes and ending tax expenditures. The budget didn’t specify which loopholes and expenditures would be eliminated, but even if all of them that benefit the rich were done away with (except for preferences for capital gains and other investments, which Ryan has said he will keep), the budget would grant millionaires a tax cut in excess of $200,000. If it doesn’t eliminate loopholes, the tax cut would only grow larger.  

Like former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, Ryan insists that his plan will simultaneously grant a large tax cut to the wealthy, avoid tax increases on the lower- and middle-classes, and maintain the current level of revenue. The Tax Policy Center found during the election that those goals were impossible to maintain under Romney’s proposal and that to avoid adding to future deficits and debt, the plan would have to raise taxes on the middle class by an average of $2,000.

The current House GOP proposal provides an even bigger tax cut, making it even less likely that Ryan could raise sufficient revenues from the closure of tax loopholes to offset the estimated $5.7 trillion cost. To pay for the plan, then, the GOP would have no choice but to raise taxes on the middle class (by an average of $3,000) while granting a massive tax cut to millionaires. If it doesn’t, the Republican plan to reduce the debt will instead add trillions of dollars to it.

By Travis Waldron

Thank you to Think Progress for the bulk of this article.



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